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Saloon Singer

As I said in the bio, it all started in choirs, then glee clubs, and many musicals at Stanford.

When I was doing Broadway plays, I sang in clubs and saloons in the Village. When I gave up acting, I went silent for a long time while trying to be a writer.

WK in performance

Then fate threw Brooke Astor at me, and I performed at her 94th Birthday Party. Luckily I’d stumbled over David Lewis, a sublime musical director who improved everything about our gigs, including me. We performed in a long series of private parties and fundraisers at which I had more fun than any one else.

WK with Betty Eichler in CALL ME MADAM at Stanford
WK in concert
This led to appearances in some of the wonderful clubs around New York – Arci’s Place, The Oak Room at the Algonquin, Danny’s Skylight Room. Then I realized I was having so much fun, I hadn’t written a word for a couple of years. I went back to work, but performed at the occasional party, fundraiser and concert, singing the great songs of The American Songbook, with the likes of Peter Duchin and Emmanuel Ax.
WK with Peter Duchin and his orchestra
WK with Emmanuel Ax
I’m still doing the above whenever I’m asked, which seems to satisfy my primeval need to perform.
Singing Demo
  1. Sleeping Bee / 0:20-2:42
  2. You Make Me Feel So Young / 2:47-4:24
  3. Firefly / 5:00-7:30
  4. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / 7:35-9:37
  5. It’s Alright with Me / 9:42-11-47
  6. Our Love is Here to Stay / 11:55-13:40
  7. From This Moment On / 14:30-16-05