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From the Biography: “Five new plays are in ‘development exhilaration.’”

Forgery! is based on the infamous Shakespeare counterfeits that captivated London in 1796. It has had staged readings at Washington D.C.’s Shakespeare Theater, another at New York’s Shakespeare Society, and finally in the spring of 2015, at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Mass.

Another, Single, is a romantic comedy set in the Napa Valley wine country that examines the many variations of its title. 

The third, Theatre Farce, is a crazed play-within-THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by a theatre company struggling with both financial catastrophe and a conflicted movie star playing Kate.

A two-handler with no sets, Word Play ,as much about language as the vicissitudes of love was presented at the Berkshire Theater Group’s Unicorn theater in the summer of 2015, and was done at the Sharpe Theater at Playwright’s Horizons in October, 2015. 

Finally, a one-hander America & Me, being the celebratory, profound, and tormented musings of Walt Whitman, on Lincoln, the Civil War, 19th Century America, sensory proclivities, and the struggles of publishing Leaves of Grass, on the occasion of his 67th birthday. At the moment, I’m performing this all over the country.

A synopsis of each, as well as a brief scene: