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Bred to Win


Bred to Win

A saga set in the world of international horseracing.

Praise for William Kinsolving

“The best novel about thoroughbred racing I have read.” — London Evening Standard

“So full of action that curious readers will want to gallop straight through to the end.” — New York Times Book Review

“An epic about a woman’s rise to power.” — Cosmopolitan

“Affluence, competition, and excitement… Kinsolving takes up the reins with stunning results.” — Chicago Tribune

A Short Excerpt

“Lemme tell you about thoroughbreds. They only see shadows, no colors. They can hear anything from here to next Sunday; they can smell anything that’s living or not; and they can remember better than elephants when they need to. But nothing’s gonna help their second-rate stomachs that are more sensitive than your eardrum, or a third-rate breathing system that’ll break down easier than a flivver, or those ankles that are twenty-three pieces of glass. See, the goddamn animal is impossible.”
It made no difference to Annie. After growing up in a railroad shack, she wanted in on that thoroughbred world.