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Born with the Century


Born With The Century

Is a fascinating portrait of a man, an industry, a period in the country’s history.

Praise for William Kinsolving

“A novel you can’t put down. You might read it in one sitting. Kinsolving has a narrative talent of the first order…” –NY Daily News
“Alive with action and sex, Kinsolving is a deft plotter. This is the Real McCoy…”
— John Barkham Reviews
“All the ingredients for a gripping chronicle: seduction, slayings, scintillating character development, and an admirable story line. This saga weaves fact and fiction so comfortably that the reader must remind himself that it’s a novel.”
— San Diego Union

A Short Excerpt

“Nobody needs to get killed anymore. There’s divisions, organizations all over the country, Macpherson, everywhere you want to sell whiskey.”
Magnus already knew about the syndicate. He even knew Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky were in Havana that day negotiating with the new regime for gambling rights on the island. It was his business to know such things; he also knew he had to accept the reality and let the syndicate-controlled distributors sell his whiskey.
“I’ll do business with any legal distributor who can deliver my whiskey. But just between us, I don’t like doing business with you.”
Longie Zwillman did not stop smiling. “So don’t like. But I’ll tell ya, everybody in this country is going to be doing business with us, Macpherson. Think of yourself as a pioneer.”